Welcome to Fearless Fighters


Who is gonna make it out alive?


Game rules

Movement rules

  • Movement takes place in turns.
  • For each turn, player can move from 1 to 3 boxes (horizontally or vertically) before ending their turn.
  • If player passes over a box containing a weapon, he leave his current weapon on site and replace it with the new one.
  • If players cross over adjacent squares (horizontally or vertically), a battle begins.

Battle rules

  • Each player attacks in turn.
  • Damage depends on the player's weapon.
  • Player can choose to attack or defend against the next shot.
  • If the player chooses to defend themselves, they sustain 50% less damage than normal.
  • As soon as life points of a player (initially 100) falls to 0, game is over.


Player Names

Player 1
Health :
Damage :
Player 2
Health :
Damage :

Battle begins !!!

The Game is over !

The winner is :